Todd Yeager

Todd Yeager was born in 1965. During high school he had two one-man shows organized by art teachers, and received national awards from many poster art contests. Just out of high school, a nationally recognized gallery saw some of Yeager’s works in a show and they decided to represent him shortly thereafter. During that time (1985-1995), he received numerous awards from the Juried Cumberland Valley Exhibition, including four best-of-show honors. In 1996 Yeager won a prestigious commission to paint the portrait of Dr. Marsh for a new medical building named after the surgeon. He then turned his attention to NYC and found success in the erotic art exhibits featured at the then Leslie-Lohman Galleries, which led to an international publisher wanting to produce a book of collected erotic drawings. His work has been featured in magazines such as American Artist, Art of Man, and Vaccine. With several supportive collectors, Yeager has been able to survive and continue to work to the present day with many works in private and public collections throughout the world.